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Our Filter Maintenance Programs In Regina

At Modern PURAIR we strive to develop a scheduled filter maintenance program to best fit your needs and those of your HVAC system.


Never Forget To Change Your Furnace Filter Again

You don’t need to keep checking for dirt and debris clogging in your duct work and then struggle in removing them. A simple answer to your problem is the addition to your ducts of Regina furnace filters. They won’t allow the dirt to enter the house by keeping it trapped inside the duct work.

It is important to make sure your furnace works at maximum efficiency, with the lowest of costs and that the air in your home is as clean as it gets. For that to be possible, you need to have installed an air filter that matches the exact specifications of your air conditioning unit or furnace.

You needn’t worry about trying to find the right Regina furnace filters and finding the time to try and install them. Through its personalized filter maintenance program, Modern PURAIR provides the appropriate filters for your system (minimum 8 MERV rating), delivers them at your home and installs them, if so you desire.

We only work with high quality filters that have at minimum an 8 MERV rating. MERV is a tool used to establish the effectiveness of air filters and stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. A MERV 8 filter efficiently traps most contaminants (dust, pollen, cat and dog dander, etc.) and can be safely used in both commercial and residential buildings.

For areas with more thorough needs concerning air quality, such as hospital surgery rooms or laboratories, we can provide quality furnace filters Regina of MERV 11 and even a 13 rating.

Why Invest In A Regina Filter Maintenance Program?

  • Increase in system lifetime

A dirty filter will prohibit the air to pass through, which will cause the motor to work harder in order to keep the house clean. The added stress on the system will lead to premature failing. A simple routine filter replacement will lengthen the lifetime of any heating system.

  • Decrease of energy costs

A clogged filter will cause a significant increase of the energy bills due to a decreased airflow through the HVAC. Routine filter changing can save you up to 15% on utility expenses.

  • Increase air quality

Statistics show that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the outdoor air. Stay on top of the problem by changing your Regina furnace filters regularly and preventing airborne irritants to circulate in your home.

  • Prevention of expensive repairs

A small investment in a filter change can save you significant amounts of money on system repairs and part changing along time.

During peak periods of high usage you should change your furnace filters Regina every month or at least once every three months. Don’t hesitate and call our Modern PURAIR Regina office to discuss the details of your personalized filter maintenance program.



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